A Fuel Management Consulting Company
Discount Fuel Network

Discount Fuel Network  allows you to operate you trucking company with the freedom you deserve. Below are some of the ways that we will save you money.

Fuel Management

Whether you buy bulk fuel, utilize mobile fueling, or have an over the road program, Discount Fuel Network will provide a custom fuel study for your fleet. We have developed a strategic alliance with several companies to ensure you make the best choices for your company. Whether you are looking for a fuel card program or to establish diesel fuel discounts or rebates, we can help.

Tires and Road Side Service

Discount Fuel Network offers tire replacement and emergency roadside tire services through Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone/Firestone’s. National Preferred program with Prices guaranteed, and you won’t pay for the program until you need it.

Fuel Card Program

Members of the Discount Fuel Network have taken control of their fuel costs by using the Discount Fuel Network group fuel discounts and strategies. The Discount Fuel Network fuel discount program has maximized our member's fuel discounts and lowered their total cost for fuel; one of your fleet’s largest expenses. It is a must, for fleets of any size, to understand how fuel is priced and how to create a fuel network that is conducive to improving your bottom line.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Harness the power and precision of GPS technology. Have complete command of your company's mobile assets.

  • Increased driver and vehicle security
  • Maximized utilization of your mobile assets - vehicles and drivers
  • Faster recovery of stolen vehicles and equipment
  • A single vendor for GPS, Cellular, and 2-way communications

Financing and Factoring Means Opportunity!

Your business needs are unique to your company and at Discount Fuel Network we can offer creative financing solutions for capital, equipment acquisitions, and any other expense your business may have. We can analyze your overall financial picture and make recommendations that fit your fleet's needs.

Your private information will not be sold, rented, leased, or disclosed in any manner to any person without your prior consent, unless otherwise required by law, or except as may be necessary for the performance of Discount Fuel Network  for auditing requirements or as part of regulatory compliance. Also, Discount Fuel Network, will release otherwise confidential information to law enforcement authorities upon receipt of a relevant search warrant or subpoena, and will respond similarly to a relevant discovery order in a civil litigation setting.Discount Fuel Network also agrees to protect your personal information in a manner designed to ensure its integrity and to make available to you, following an appropriate request, any information collected.