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Discount Fuel Network
has been establishing relationships to provide trucking fleets and companies with the best possible fuel discount solutions to their Over The Road needs.

However, we not only care about drivers, fleets, and customers, we also care about our environment. It is a fact that in your daily business, fuel will be one of your major expenses. The diesel fuel savings package is designed to allow fleets the ability to save money on their fuel consumption and help to fight carbon emissions.

While we all want to do our share in helping the environment it is not always easy to find the time or a cost effective solution given today’s economic conditions.

With the Discount Fuel Network Diesel Fuel package you will save up to 15% of your fuel consumption which will help offset the CO2 produced. This will help your company to go greener and could help you become part of the US EPA Certified Smartway™ program. Discount Fuel Network has obtained these numbers from actual engine printouts of current customers. We do not depend on tech sheets and controlled test environments. You can save between up to 15% of your fuel consumption based on trucks running in all different directions; flat land, mountains, tailwinds, and headwinds! The actual diesel fuel savings are calculated starting from 2 months up to 18 months but your savings start immediately.

Just another way Discount Fuel Network is doing our part to make you a more efficient business.

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