A Fuel Management Consulting Company

Discount Fuel Network

A Fuel Management Consulting Company

Discount Fuel Network is a fuel management consulting company offering  diesel fuel rebates or discount programs for truck fleets and transportation businesses with the option of discounted fuel card transactions services.

Getting a reliable and cost effective diesel fuel or fuel card program doesn’t have to be hard to find.  Discount Fuel Network has everything you need in a fuel management provider. You will have all the discounts of the larger fleets without all the hassles or a fuel card that can save you on your transaction costs.

Discount Fuel Network has fuel strategies so that you receive the maximum discount with each fuel purchase. Many fuel card programs that establish diesel fuel discounts or rebates offer pump savings and rebates. Discount Fuel Network takes the time to work out what fuel strategy work best for your company and your bottom-line.

We do this by making sure the fuel companies are doing their part. Discount Fuel Network actually audits the fuel companies to ensure that you receive the discount you deserve. As many companies are aware, this is not common practice in transportation today. Our customers have been astonished at the money they were just leaving behind.

Discount Fuel Network provides your company the means to control and monitor all over-the-road expenses daily, weekly, or situational cash advances for the driver and provides daily billing reports on all fuel and cash advance transactions. 

Call Discount Fuel Network today for a free fuel cost analysis on how much you could save on fuel for your trucking company.




Your private information will not be sold, rented, leased, or disclosed in any manner to any person without your prior consent, unless otherwise required by law, or except as may be necessary for the performance of Discount Fuel Network  for auditing requirements or as part of regulatory compliance. Also, Discount Fuel Network, will release otherwise confidential information to law enforcement authorities upon receipt of a relevant search warrant or subpoena, and will respond similarly to a relevant discovery order in a civil litigation setting.Discount Fuel Network also agrees to protect your personal information in a manner designed to ensure its integrity and to make available to you, following an appropriate request, any information collected.